Games a coming...

Well, we're back up, and running Drupal 7, which is pretty slick. We're going to be doing some integration with our core Whistlebox components into this architecture at some point, but we've got a pretty full plate right now, so it may be a while. The thing we're very excited about is Adobe finally integrating AEC (acoustic echo cancellation) into their flash player, which means...that now you can have p2p video in the browser without echo! This is a big step, for them and for us, as we have a very large project coming later this year which will make use of this.

But, that wasn't my point, I am posting this to let you know I'm going to be working on a "games" section of this site, which will highlight some of our AR games and experiments. Of course, you can also go over to and check out the great stuff there! One of the things I'll also be doing is breaking the Do Crew games into segments so they are easier to access without going through the entire experience.

Switching over to the cloud, building into new marketplaces, building Kinect games, and expending our AR codebase. It's going to be a busy year at the box, and we'll do our best to keep track of it here.