Peer-2-Peer AR

So, one of the really cool things we've built over at the box is a peer-2-peer video AR gaming platform. Basically, it lets you have a video chat with your buddy and play an AR game in a shared 3D space between you. Brian Sampson and I previewed this at ARNY last fall, and with some tweaking we've now got it tied into a natural feature tracking engine that we can use to control game elements. In other words, we can play 3D pong with a marker controlling the racket. Now, why would anyone want to play 3D pong? Well, it's a good game to get all the pieces in play for a bigger game - 3D physics, NFT, and P2P video.

Next steps? Well, we're talking to some folks who have big plans for this, but if you've got some ideas we'd love to hear them. We'll keep you in the news on developments with this combo, it's pretty far out there but that's what makes it exciting.