Put the motion in your promotions using Whistlebox's augmented reality technology. Create brand specific games and experiences with which people interact, using the movement of their bodies, driving both physical and emotional levels of engagement.

Extend your Digital Signage Opportunities into Digital Interaction Opportunities

Our creative and technical teams specialize in producing interactive experiences for brands reaching potential customers in unique, memorable ways. While most digital signage assets hope to catch a quick glance, Whistlebox technology will reach out and grab their attention. As consumers engage, others stop to watch, snap pictures and record video using their mobile phones.

Identifying the Individual

Providing a quality digital experience in a public space will draw a crowd and we will have you ready for it. Our proprietary computer vision techniques call out to an individual walking by inviting that person to engage without technical interference of others that are standing nearby watching the gameplay.

Controlling the Masses

In addition to creating single-user or multi-user experiences, we have "n" user strategies enabling large group play where there are no limitations on the number of simaltaneous interactions. Everyone can join the fun at the same time.

Beyond the Experience

In addition to leaving the experience with greater familiarity and affinity towards your brand, users also have the option of sharing aspects of their experience in the form of pictures and video postcards using a variety of social mechanisms.